Tiny SeaSide Resort

Exterior Yakisugi Cladding

Kegnaes, Denmark

Project Overview

The Tiny SeaSide project is the first Tiny House resort on a Scandinavian beach. Located directly on the Danish Baltic Sea on the island of Kegnaes, you can leave your everyday life behind while enjoying the vastness of the sea and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Using only natural building materials, modern architecture and Scandinavian minimalist design come together to provide the perfect experience for those looking for sustainable and comfortable vacations.

During the intensive search for a sustainable as well as strikingly beautiful cladding material for the tiny houses, the founders of Tiny SeaSide came across our authentic Yakisugi from Japan. The decision was made to our entire range of surfaces and coatings for the construction of the tiny houses. A very special cooperation was born. 

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Suyaki | Gendai | Pika-Pika| Shiplap| 145mm width

Water-based stain protection| Natural oil

Product Code:
S14-732, S14-932, G14-101, G14-111, G14-112,  G14-121, G14-132, G14-331, G14-871 P14-121, P14-201, P14-152, P14-132, P14-131, P14-871, P14-102

Residential Exterior

Project Volume:
100 sqm per Tiny House


Uwe Faltermeier

"Yakisugi has become a bit of a signature for us – you can easily distinguish our tiny houses from competitors. The material fits very well with our vision of sustainability and blends nicely into the natural surroundings of our waterfront resorts."
Henrik Frisenberg
Founder Tiny SeaSide

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+49 211 86 80 86 60