Pika-Pika –
The surface of the wood with the strongly contrasting wood grain

The twice-brushed Pika-Pika (Shou Sugi Ban)

Pika-Pika, our charred and double-brushed Yakisugi product, lends itself to almost any application and setting and comes with numerous coatings and pigmentations. In fact, it surpasses the rest of our repertoire for versatility.  

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Available Pika-Pika coatings and colours

Double-brushing the soft layer of soot away from the hard annual rings leaves behind a high-contrast surface structure of finely contrasted ridges, parallel to the wood grain. And raising the aesthetic bar still higher is the sharp contrast between the lighter and darker softwood and hardwood respectively, with remnants of the charring process still visible. The three-dimensional appearance varies depending on lighting, helping the product revitalise any façade in a subtle under-the-radar manner.  

Our range of coatings and pigmentations

What Pika-Pika leaves behind after you’ve swept off all the soot layer on top is a light, natural wood colour, ripe for pigmentation. Our range runs from transparent and slightly shiny coatings, showcasing the natural Pika-Pika wood grain to best effect, plus grey and brown shades, right up to an inky ebony black – the possibilities are endless. All thanks to the natural wood oils we use that go right to the heart of the wood, saturating and protecting its cells in the process. The beautiful and matt surface you are left with is the icing on the cake.

Alternatively, for even more protection on top of the wood, check out our transparent and semi-transparent water-based stains and the protective surface film they leave behind. Add to this  
wide-ranging and combinable colour pigments, including a silky matt sheen and design options galore and we think you’ll agree, we can meet almost any customer requirements. 

Available profiles and widths

Shiplap profile
145 mm (135 mm reveal) – #P14
195 mm (185 mm reveal) – #P19

Square Edge profile
145 mm – #P04
195 mm – #p09
89 mm – #P08

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