Japanese burned wood

Japanese burned wood: Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) in the traditional Japanese Style

Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) is a special technique from Japan which has been in practice there since around the 18th century. When translated, it roughly means “burnt cypress plank.” The result, Japanese burned wood, is lightly charred which allows it to undergo carbonization and gain several additional properties – and to distinguish itself from many other types of wood product in its aesthetics. Here you can find Japanese burned wood made from the original Japanese cypress, treated by craftsmanship with utter precision.

An effective eye-catcher: Japanese burned wood

The controlled, slight charring of the wood surface counts as a traditional craft in Japan. In Europe, Japanese burned wood is still mostly a rarity, although at least the surface look is often imitated. Original Japanese burned wood not only looks charming though, it also convinces customers with its positive qualities:
  • It wards off insects
  • It becomes more long-lived

Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) gained more publicity in the west when renowned contemporary architect Terunobi Fujimori began working with the technique more. Today, Japanese burned wood is an insider tip for those who have an eye for the extraordinary. The positive qualities of the base material which accompany Japanese burned wood intensify this interest. Thanks to these qualities Japanese burned wood is naturally protected and does not need to be treated with chemicals or solvent-rich finishes.

Japanese burned wood from the original Japanese cypress

Although the process can be applied to European wood types as well, we only work with the original Japanese cypress which shows notedly better properties in comparison to many domestic lumbers. Like this you receive a truly original product made like it could have been produced and used in Japan centuries ago. Our goal is to nothing less than to deliver top quality at all times. We combine highest quality in products and service with customer friendly delivery times. Like this you can own Japanese burned wood yourself soon, regardless in which form, and let your friends, business partners and family admire these beautiful products. The trendy, chic and contemporary products are a specialty for lovers of details and those enthusiastic about wood.

Rummage, discover and order: your Japanese burned wood will thrill you

Discover traditional Japanese burned wood with all its wonderful details and beneficial properties. Long-lived, low-maintenance and climate friendly thanks to wood as a renewable resource, our products are especially sustainable solutions. Individualists will receive their money’s worth thanks to the unique surface structure. All those who like authenticity will love the original Japanese cypress. Discover our exciting creations and allow us to convince you how diverse and charming Japanese burned wood can be, if it’s traditionally processed following highest quality standards. A guaranteed eye-catcher in your home.

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