Wine Estate Georg Breuer

Exterior Gendai & Pika-Pika Cladding

Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany 

Project Overview

The Georg Breuer Wine Estate in Rüdesheim am Rhein is a renowned winery with a long history and a significant role in the world of Rheingau wines. It was founded in 1880 by Georg Breuer and has since become a respected destination for high-quality wines. Georg Breuer is considered a pioneer of modern Rheingau viticulture.

Theresa Breuer, the daughter of Bernhard Breuer, has taken over the winery in the fourth generation. She is regarded as one of Germany’s most talented winemakers and has successfully continued her father’s legacy. Theresa Breuer advocates for sustainable winegrowing practices and is committed to preserving the unique terroirs in Rüdesheim. She actively works towards environmental protection and strives for a sustainable future for the winery and the region.

The winery features an impressive 150-year-old bottle cellar, which has recently undergone renovation. In addition to this refurbishment, a new bottle storage facility was built on top of the cellar. When designing the bottle storage, Theresa Breuer opted for new and sustainable approaches. Taking into account the strict requirements of historic preservation, which mandated a light-colored facade, the choice was our Gendai and Pika-Pika with one and two applications of water-based stain protection respectively, pigmented in a silvergrey color.

The combination of the traditional bottle cellar and the modern bottle storage with the Yakisugi cladding gives the Georg Breuer Winery a unique atmosphere and emphasizes the goal of blending tradition and innovation.

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Gendai | Pika-Pika | Square Edge | 145mm & 195mm width

Water-based stain protection| silver grey | one coat

Product Code:
G04-111 & G09-111 | P04-112 & P09-112

Public Exterior

Project Volume:
540 sqm 


Giulio Coscia

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