Detached Forest House

Exterior Suyaki Cladding

Gerbrunn, Germany 

Project Overview

On the outskirts of Würzburg in Bavaria you will find the small, picturesque village of Gerbrunn. There in the midst of this unspoilt nature, a young family of four has settled down and built their home.

The aim was to create an architecturally outstandingly beautiful house, characterised by large window fronts that provide a bright living space and a view of nature, combined with the demand for natural materials of the highest quality.

Therefore, the choice fell on our Suyaki: with two coats of natural wood oil in ebony colour, it sets contrasts by its deep black charred surface reminiscent of alligator skin, but at the same time creates a harmonious connection with the other building materials thanks to its naturalness.

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Suyaki | Shiplap| 145mm width

Natural oil | ebony | two coats

Product Code:

Residential Exterior

Project Volume:
300 sqm 

Martin Schroth

Laurin Teichmann | BundAxt


Johannes Zettel

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