Wine Estate Deutzerhof

Exterior Gendai Cladding

Mayschoß, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany 

Project Overview

From Mohamed Fezazi, Architect:

“The new vinotheque at Deutzerhof is in dialogue with the vineyard. As a cubature that is visible from a distance from the hiking trails. As an open interior that frames the view of the landscape, and as a complementary building block for the ensemble of existing agricultural buildings.

The new building connects directly to the winery’s existing agricultural buildings, with a ground-level guest and retail space added to the original taproom, a two-story tower structure. The idea of a wine barn is implemented in the building in the form of a continuous roof, with a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The open design in the taproom allows unobstructed views in and out.

With the materials wood and glass, the guest encounters essential materials of viticulture. With the wine racks in the sales and guest area, the wooden support structure of the wooden construction is quoted. The reduced color selection in the interior sharpens the eye for the changing colors of the vineyard.

At the same time, the building with its open gable as entrance and canopy forms a smooth transition to the outdoor space. The new outdoor areas allow hybrid use: as access roads and turning facilities for agricultural vehicles and delivery vehicles, but also as a spacious square with amenity quality for hikers, cyclists and local residents.”

Yakisugi product used in this project:

Gendai| Square Edge | 145mm & 195mm width

Water-based stain protection | light oak | one coat

Product Code:
G04-121 | G09-121

Public Exterior

Project Volume:
400 sqm 

Mohamed Fezazi

Holzbau Dahm GmbH


Uwe Faltermeier

"Yakisugi from Nakamoto Forestry is used as the cladding material. Particularly in reference to the traditional production of wooden barrels and as an ecological building material that is completely without chemical treatment. The rest of the construction of the new building is also implemented in wood."
Man with a glass of wine in front of a wooden cladding
Jürgen Doetsch

Further impressions of this project

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