Suyaki –
Jet-black charred wood

The original Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban)

Suyaki probably comes to mind first when you think of Yakisugi – it’s the original variety and the surface treatment that stands out most. The charring process leaves behind a deep black layer of soot and a scaly texture, akin to alligator skin. And needless to say, it’s a major head-turner. 

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Available Suyaki coatings and colours

Suyaki wood develops a unique character over time, with the natural ageing process resulting in a celebration of imperfection and transience that embodies the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic. The resulting patterning is synonymous with Suyaki and testament to the wood’s enduring beauty. This is also what makes Suyaki the perfect choice for individualists keen to express themselves through unique and striking visual projects.

More importantly, as well as the obvious visual appeal, it is also an exceptionally durable product. The soot layer renders the underlying wood water-repellent and impervious to UV radiation. What you’re left with is a charred wooden product that withstands the elements, retains its colouring and ramps up the resistance to fire. Better still, the charred top layer helps prevent the Suyaki cladding from greying in an all-natural process, free of all chemical additives.

Available charred wood coatings and colours

Once heat-treated, a coating is applied to the Suyaki charred wood to bind and fix the soot layer in place. As well as easing the subsequent installation, this is also a key step preventing the soot from simply coming off when touched. It also slows down weathering from exposure to the elements. Rounding off the treatment, we use natural wood oils for the exterior that protect and nourish the charred wood inside. 

Our wood oils, 100% natural and plant-based, are specially blended and tailored to our Suyaki products. That’s why they deliver a beautiful and natural matt surface and also why we forgo the use of any mineral oils. We also add an ebony shade of pigments to harmonise the black colour effect, particularly on larger surfaces. Slowly, as the wood oil dries, it binds and strengthens the charcoal layer, but leaves it soft and open-pored. It’s a holistic process, that lets it breathe, regardless of the ambient temperature and humidity. 

For interiors, we recommend a water-based (and thus solvent-free) multi-layer lacquer system that emphasises the texture with a silk-matt gloss and makes the surface even more washable and resilient. 

Available profiles and widths

Shiplap profile
145 mm (135 mm reveal) – #S14
195 mm (185 mm reveal) – #S19

Square Edge profile
145 mm – #S04
195 mm – #S09

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