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Nakamoto Forestry is a family-run business specialised in producing charred cedar timber for over 60 years and is headquartered in Hiroshima prefecture on the west side of Japan. We own 2,000 hectares of managed forest in Hiroshima prefecture and have four main mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima prefectures that complete the entire charred cedar manufacturing process. Nakamoto Forestry is affiliated with WoodOne, one of the largest flooring manufacturers in Japan. We distribute internationally in Europe as well as in North America via two partner organisations, each with own stock warehouse and prefinish shops.

Nakamoto Forestry is SGEC certified, the Japanese equivalent to the global independent sustainable forest management certification system PEFC. Worldwide we mill, char, and ship 70-80,000 sqm of Yakisugi charred cedar every month. We are able to manage any project of any size.

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The Original

We have “the Original” charred cedar Yakisugi from Japan, using solely domestic Sugi (Japanese cedar) and applying our extensive milling and processing know-how for decades. We are a family-owned business, led in 3rd generation and located in the midst of our company-owned forests in Hiroshima prefecture. With our charred cedar products we are market leader for Yakisugi in Japan, thus making us the world’s leading Yakisugi manufacturer.

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Top Quality

We are experts for Yakisugi and provide the best quality to be found on the market. Our Sugi (Japanese cedar) has a thick, dense latewood growth ring, which creates a more substantial, longer-lasting soot layer. Therefore, we can provide the superior longevity without maintenance, as characteristic to Yakisugi. Our top product quality originates from carefully chosen logs, high precision milling expertise and our long-standing experience in the Yakisugi burning process.

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Best Value

We convince our customers with outstanding product quality, exceptional value for money and great customer service. With scale operations in Japan and a lean direct distribution system without intermediaries, we are able to provide our customers with exceptionally attractive prices. Yakisugi is not originally an expensive, high-desing product as it has been marketed in the West –  it is a standard building material with improved longevity over untreated wood used in Japan for centuries.

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