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Introducing our company and our global network

Nakamoto Forestry is a proud trio of forestry partners: Nakamoto Zourin in Japan, Nakamoto Forestry North America, and us, Nakamoto Forestry Europe. Collectively, we form a global network distributing authentic Yakisugi made from Japanese cypress, manufactured with passion in Japan to customers worldwide. Japan is also home to our founders, the Nakamoto family, with whom our story starts. 

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First written records

Nakamoto Zourin grew out of the rich forests of Yoshiwa in western Japan. The Nakamoto family established the timber business in the Taisho era (1912-1926), when Yoshiwa flourished in timber industry.

Nakamoto lumber founded

In April 1932, Nakamoto Zaimoku-ten was incorporated as a lumber company (now WoodOne Co. Ltd ) under the management of Isamu Nakamoto.

Nakamoto Zourin

In order to ensure the continuation of the forestry operation in an appropriate form, the forestry department was transformed into an independent company in July 1959 - Nakamoto Zourin was born.

First Mill

The first own sawmill in Hiroshima was completed and industrial production of Yakisugi began.

Second Mill

The second sawmill in Hiroshima was completed and started the production of Yakisugi.

Nakamoto Headquarters

Nakamoto Zourin headquarters moved to current location in Kurisu, Hiroshima prefecture, Western Japan. 

Tokushima Mill

Shikoku branch founded. Third sawmill is completed in Tokushima and starts industrial production of Yakisugi.

Tomota Mill

The fourth sawmill in Tomota, Japan is completed and begins production of Yakisugi.

PEFC certification

Nakamoto Zourin achieves certification for timber management and production by the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC, associated with PEFC Japan).

50 Anniversary

Nakamoto Zourin celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Nakamoto Forestry North America

William Beleck establishes Nakamoto Forestry North America and the first inventory of Yakisugi lands in Portland, OR, USA. 

Nakamoto Forestry Europe

Martin Gottschlich establishes GoodWood GmbH as Nakamoto Forestry Europe. The first batch of Yakisugi arrives in Düsseldorf, Germany and the supply of the whole of Europe begins.

Chain Of Custody of PEFC

Nakamoto Forestry Europe achieves PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) chain of custody certification. it confirms that all relevant rules and requirements to ensure sustainable forest management are complied with.

Nakamoto Zourin (‘Zourin’ is the Japanese term for ‘Forestry’) is a family business that has produced Yakisugi in bulk since 1959. And with the third generation now at the helm, the Nakamotos have been already synonymous with siviculture for over a century. Read more about Nakamoto family’s heritage and passion in our blog post.

Nakamoto Forestry produces over a million square metres of Yakisugi each year, making it the market leader in Japan – and probably the world. Deep within the mountains of Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan lie over 2,000 hectares of Japanese cypress forest owned by the Nakamoto family, as well as its own forestry and nursery.

Every inch of these forest stands is lovingly maintained and sustainably managed and monitored, as reflected in the certified SGEC (Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) credentials. The workforce of 120 employees also runs four sawmills, in Hiroshima and Tokushima Prefectures. 

Sustainibility at the heart of our actions

We embrace tradition in our work and strive to ensure a holistic approach. And our well-trained experts in house make it all happen, from felling trees (for each tree felled, we plant a new Japanese cypress), sawing, planing and drying (via air and sun) right up to charring and brushing the wood surface. We do all this for good reason:

The globe in our hands, sign for sustainability

The beating heart of our corporate mission is a commitment to sustainability and responsible actions, a determination to take the long view, to help preserve our planet and future generations who will call it home, and our pursuit of products of exceptional quality unique to Japan. Namely, of course, Yakisugi, the epitome of radiant beauty, thanks to a recipe uniting the right wood (Japanese cypress), with decades of experience, knowhow, insights, passion, and love.

Keen to learn more about our sustainability activities and certifications? Then why not pay our Sustainability section a visit?

Nakamoto Forestry in Europe and the rest of the world

Back in 2015, our sister company, Nakamoto Forestry North America, was founded in Portland, Oregon (USA) to meet growing global demand for Yakisugi. But across the Atlantic in Europe, demand was also soaring. That’s why, four years later in 2019, we embarked on a mission to bring authentic Yakisugi from Japan to this continent too.  

Nakamoto Forestry Europe team member producing Yakisugi pre-finished Japanese cypress boards

Fast forward to today and together with our Düsseldorf-based distribution company, GoodWood GmbH, we remain Europe’s sole genuine supplier of Yakisugi, made from Japanese cypress. Our young and dynamic team ignite their passions daily for the exceptional and authentic Yakisugi products we sell and treasure our customers just as much.

Day in, day out, our sales team retains preferential relations with a key network of architects, private builders and woodworkers. Scope to tap into their expertise and knowing our own product inside-out is how we handle the full range of European building projects and meet all our customers’ requests. 

And it goes without saying that perfectly tailored timber is what our customers get, with Yakisugi boards finished in our warehouse and production facility near Düsseldorf. In fact, all the profile and surface products we offer are made in Japan, but finished and shipped on demand from Germany. We’ve made the system as seamless as possible, which is why you’ll never wait more than 14 days for your delivery, Europe-wide.  

Martin Gottschlich checking performing product quality checks

Maybe you have a question? Perhaps you’d like a quote?  
Or how about a sample box to really bring home how our surfaces and coatings look and feel? 

Up close with the Nakamoto Forestry Europe team

Martin Gottschlich

Managing Director
Martin Gottschlich is the founder and managing director of GoodWood GmbH and heads Nakamoto Forestry Europe. He is more than happy to give you all the guidance you need on Yakisugi and how to choose the right surface for the project you have in mind.

Isabelle Le Jossec

Sales Manager
A key cog in our sales team, Isabelle Le Jossec is a go-to person for all questions on Yakisugi products made from Japanese cypress. She is tasked with, among other things, handling enquiries from architects and major projects.

Lisa Pleuse

Sales & Logistics Manager
Lisa Pleuse is in an integral part of our sales team and as a sales manager, she can assist with all enquires relating to our Yakisugi products.  She also manages our logistics and coordinates all forwarding deliveries within Europe.

Dinah Woltermann

Sales & Marketing Manager
Dinah Woltermann handles our marketing as well as her customer adviser remit. Her scope extends to our website, our reference properties and ongoing efforts to keep the public in the know via press, social media and other channels.

Andreas Odenthal

Production & Planning Manager
Andreas Odenthal is our production planner and keeps your orders flowing seamlessly. His work is all about planning, picking and generally facilitating customer orders.

Sascha Vosdellen

Production Manager
Sascha Vosdellen rounds off the customised part of your order by ensuring that the finish and coating on your Yakisugi is exactly as you want it. And when he’s not fulfilling customer orders, you’ll find him constantly working on new coatings and pigmentations for new products.

Kerstin Vosdellen

Another key production staff member is Kerstin Vosdellen. She produces our coating systems and she is also the one who fills and ships out our sample boxes. So for those of you awaiting deliveries or those of you already with the samples, here’s the person who makes it all happen.

Sam Wolf

Sam Wolf is a member of our production team and works behind the scenes to keep the workflow smooth and help process your orders.

Hiromi Sugiura

Country Manager France
Hiromi, our Country Manager France, is based in Paris, France and is looking after our French clients and markets.

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