Solar Studio ADU

Exterior Gendai Cladding

Seattle, Washington, USA

Project Overview

This contemporary ADU construction was created through a collaboration between Wittman Estes Architecture + Landscape and pre-fab tech builder NODE. The exterior is covered in our Gendai siding, finished with a transparent alkyd coating. It has been featured in various american online architectural publications, including Dwell and Designmilk, due to its affordable design and strong emphasis on sustainability.

In Seattle, a homeowner enlisted Wittman Estes to design a cost-effective and environmentally friendly unit for their backyard, with the intention of generating rental income. The modern structure features a solar roof that supplies all the necessary energy for both the unit and the main house. To bring this project to life, the firm partnered with NODE, renowned for their design-oriented, carbon-negative, and non-toxic homes. The result is Seattle’s inaugural DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) to obtain the zero-energy certification from the International Living Future Institute (IFLI).

Closest Yakisugi option from our European range:

Gendai | Shiplap | 145mm width

Alkyd Natural | only available in North America

Residential Exterior

Wittman Estes | NODE

NODE | Don Bunnell


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