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4 easy steps: How to purchase charred wood

4 easy steps:
How to purchase charred wood

Our Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) is a heat-treated timber siding product, which does not require any special techniques for installation. It rather is regularly installed similarly to any wood cladding. Projects usually are shipped ready to install. We deliver prefinished, i.e. oiled to fix surface soot, and according to customer requirements add desired colour tone. Suyaki and Pika-Pika need prefinish treatment due to their delicate surface. Gendai can be installed with or without oil prefinish. Please follow our easy process to purchase charred wood:

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1. Choose product

Our Yakisugi products come in 3 basic surfaces (Suyaki, Gendai, Pika Pika) but further differentiate by profiles, dimensions and desired prefinish oil options. Please confirm the product specifications to see the fit to your requirements. Additionally, we are happy to send you samples specifically for those options you are interested in. For any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help clarify any questions you may have.


Check out the options and conditions:


Order your personal samples:

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2. Place order

Our ordering process is very simple. You can purchase charred wood by requesting us for a quote (RFQ) regarding your specific project. Please understand we need some information about your project and the desired specs and volumes in order to provide you with an offer best fitting your requirements.

After receiving our offer, please review and clarify any open points. After you finally accept our offer, we will send you an invoice including payment instructions. In order to maintain our attractive prices, we request 100% upfront payment. Then, our production process will begin immediately after payment receipt.

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3. Receive Yakisugi

We strive to have your products ship-ready within two weeks maximum and will quick-start our consignment process after receiving your payment. We will coordinate with you and the freight forwarder an appropriate delivery date. After that, we will ask you to ensure a contact person at the delivery site.
To offload you usually will need a forklift. The crates are designed to be easily opened with an impact driver and metal shears. 

Please make sure the delivery contact and installer read the Offload and Installation Instructions before shipment

Yakisugi products - Contemporary Icon

4. Install Yakisugi

For installation, no special knowledge nor technique is required, but Yakisugi is installed like any other wood siding material. We recommend certain acclimation for the products at site before installation. In our shipment, we include touch-up oil for eventual cuts, rips, and notches during installation. Additionally, the installer will receive our installation manual, and is also welcome to call us with any questions.

With Yakisugi siding the traditional Japanese sabi (patina) aesthetic values weathered patina over shiny and new. Therefore, many customers favour the natural greying process, as this is a completely natural product. Alternatively, exterior siding can be re-oiled at any time in the future to freshen up as desired. Depending on location and rain or sunlight exposure, usual maintenance (simple oiling) will be recommended after 5 – 10 years.

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