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We took great care to design our sample boxes which we send out to prospective customers.

Photo of Martin Gottschlich, owner of GoodWood GmbH

By Martin Gottschlich

They are designed to hold our Yakisugi samples firm and tight but at the same time let them be taken out easily. By opening the box, you will immediately see the stunning surfaces of our products. We hope that they will help you in imagining how beautiful they could look at your house or current project.

Our standard sample box:

Our sample box inside

Broad Yakisugi choice available

You can select from more than 15 options we always hold at stock as Yakisugi samples. These include four standard colour options (clear, silver grey, light oak, ebony) as well as all three surfaces (Suyaki, Gendai, Pika-Pika), shiplap or square edge profiles and coat options with several different natural oils. Choose your favourite #Yakisugi and we will be happy to send different samples with various finishes.

For bigger and more advanced projects, please get in touch and we’re happy to help you out with larger and indiviual samples.

Fully ecological and sustainable design

We were also relentlessly designing our packaging and contents to our high ecological and sustainable proposition standards. The box as well as all inlay cartons are made from 100% recycled paper. Our brochure and postcard are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper. The plastic wrap, we use in some cases to pretect unoiled products, is 100% made from renewable primary products and is fully biodegradable. Not only our Yakisugi products are sustainable and ecological, but also as much as possible all other materials we are using. This is truly at the core of all our efforts.

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