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Oda Christine Kretschmar

Oda Christine has been supporting our social media marketing activities right from the start – she built up our channels and is continously looking after them to provide you with the best infos about our products

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By Martin Gottschlich

Today, we would like to introduce our team member, Oda Christine Kretschmar, who is looking after our social media channels. Based in London, UK. and a member of the Nakamoto Forestry Europe team right from the beginning she is gathering creative input and planning our social media strategy.

As a native German, Oda has been living in london for almoste 20 years and as such immersed herself in the British culture. After studying Business Administration and Management in Germany, Oda went abroad to study and work in Strasbourg, France; Leicester, U.K. as well as New York, USA.

Oda Christine Kretschmar
Oda Christine Kretschmar - our social media marketing lead

Oda filled several marketing roles at medium-sized as well as global organisations. Subsequently, she has gained extensive experience in marketing & social media and thus taking on the social media role for our organisation amongst other clients.

It is not only due to Oda’s professional experience in social media management and her creative eye for crafting tailored messages to strengthen our brand perception. It is due to her positive and cheerful attitude that we are very excited to have her as part of our team.

Oda is fluent in English and (naturally) German with basic French language skills.

Our social media expert is welcoming any comments and suggestions to further develop our social media activities.

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